Fall Attire

Feeling Myself



“Feeling Myself”

Good morning dolls! I just adore a good fitted dress, I literally feel like a different person when I put it on! I start to feel hella sexy, free, and confident when I have on a bodycon! This outfit of the day was inspired by my all time favorite, Kim Kardashian! Even while preggos, Kim Kardashian slays daily! She wore an outfit similar to mine recently and I wanted to try it! Please tell me your thoughts in my comments! I want to give a huge thanks to Assembly Required for sending me this lovely bodycon!

Until next time, stay fashionable!

C 2858

C 2842

C 2839

C 2835

C 2833

Jewelry: Forever 21|| Dress: Assembly Required|| Coat: Mustard Seed|| Shoes and Bag: Steve Madden